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Considering the vast and diversified range of abrasive applications existing today, as well as many which undoubtedly will be conceived in the future, it would be impossible to engineer a single product or even an entire product line which would satisfy this ever-growing demand for specific abrasive tools.

It is for this reason that, for over 25 years, Falcon Abrasive has focused on the development and refinement of products for our specific industry needs. Rather than attempting “FULL LINE” market saturation, our commitment has resulted in the compilation of the industry’s finest abrasive cut-off wheels, available for use on most portable power tools in today’s market. These abrasive wheels, formulated with hybrid engineered resins and synthetic abrasives, provide the highest performance for a wide range of cutting applications, from power plant construction and aircraft fabrication to the needs of maintenance and job shops, and even to the home hobbyist. Quality and high performance are coupled with cost efficiency. Falcon Abrasive products are competitively priced and deliver superior performance and durability.

From our popular line of “ULTRA THIN” cut-off wheels to the newest and toughest “XP HI-SPEED” portable cutters, Falcon Abrasive will consistently provide the industry with the highest quality products and service through this decade and the next.

Just a few photos at our main headquarters in Southern California.
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Made in USA

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